Special Blend

Napoletano - Capsules (10 pack)


This blend brings out the traditional Italian coffee flavors from the South. A rich and creamy espresso with a lingering finish.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Our capsules are 100% aluminum and are fully recyclable.

Nespresso® Compatible
Compatible with your Nespresso® machine, designed for use in machines which use ‘original’ capsules, excluding professional and ‘built in’ models.

Perfect For:
Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo


Coffee in Naples is a ritual. It is said that when a person had a stroke of good luck, they celebrated by sharing a coffee with a stranger of someone less fortunate.

To pay homage to the coffee culture of the south we have carefully selected some of the finest arabica and robusta beans, roasting them very slowly to maximise their texture and sweetness. The result is a wonderful blend rich in character and strength.