Signature Blend

Classico Whole Beans + KeepCup


Looking for a gift this holiday season? Give the gift of Caffe Nero!

This gift includes our award winning Whole Bean Classico Original Blend, a medium Italian roast with notes of dark chocolate and caramel and our Grande 16oz Keep Cup!

  • Lightweight
  • Made from nontoxic polypropylene
  • BPA and BPS free
  • Can be heated to 230F (110C)
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning

Our Signature Blend


Our award-winning Classico Blend owes its distinctive, full-bodied flavour to our founder, who left no stone unturned in his drive to create our signature blend back in 1997.

Tirelessly sourcing the best origin coffee from the world’s premium growing regions, he honed our Classico Signature Blend, as it is today. A wonderful, rich flavour, deeply satisfying with a sweet-spot of boldness and complexity, combined with notes of toasted bread, intense dark chocolate and caramel.